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Mix up microchips


You cannot buy these unless you are a vet/implanter.


Mix up microchips

you can chosse any size microchips Standard,Mini,Nano and you will recive *5 microchips* of each size you pick from.


Size options

S = Standard

M = Mini

N = Nano



This product meets all international standards of animal identification (ISO 11784/ISO 11785). Each syringe is produced using top quality European chips with read/write capability and features unique data security. This syringe is light, handy and cost saving comparing with other similar models.

This syringe is light, handy and cost saving comparing with other similar models.

 2.Needle Cover:with anti fall out device to avoid the transpondor fall out from needle during transpotation
 2. Needle:use ultra sharp needle easy to inject
 3. one-step molding:make the syringe stronger
 4. good ergonomics design:make the injection easy and relax
 5. Plunger stopper:avoid over push and tissue fluid backflow
 6. Pushrod damping:good feel of injection
 7. Bioglass transpobdor with proof-migration coating
 8. Hitags or Em chips: quality guaranteed
 9. Medical silicone oil:from Dow Corning company

Tamperproof Ensures security in livestock management programs.   Durable

Guaranteed to last the life of the animal.
Designed to protect technology inside.

  Dependable 100% performance guaranteed.   ICAR Approved International Committee for Animal Recording, the worldwide organization of animal recording and productivity evaluation.   ISO Compliant Conforms to standards established by the International Organization for Standardization. The world's largest developer of standards.   Components One set contains a syringe body, a needle, a microchip, six bar-code stickers, a printed pouch.   Bio-Technology Microchip wont migrate after implanted as Parylene-coated technology enables the microchip grow together with the animals hypoderm

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  • View your ProtectedPet account on line with instant registration on to the database

  • Unlimted changes/updates to your details in your account

  • Flag your pet as lost/stolen instantly in your account

  • Download your missing pet poster

  • 4 weeks free insurance with each microchip with (PetPlan)

  • If your pet is lost/stolen our team will help send the meassage out via social media

  • our call center is UK based

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