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Microchipping is one of the important elements of pet reunification.

While microchips have incredible potential for getting lost pets home, the chip itself is only one component in a complex system involving licensing, microchips, scanners, and registries.

Nationally, millions of dogs are lost each year. It is important that your dog has identification at all times.

Collars and licenses are essential and required by law. Technology has made it possible for you to give your pet an additional permanent identification. They can also assist where the ownership of an animal is in dispute.

How It Works

Step 1.

Inside the capsule, you'll find the actual silicon microchip that holds the important information, as well as a tuning capacitor and an antenna coil. The capacitor receives power and sends it to the microchip. The microchip's information can then be picked up through the antenna, which is a copper coil.

Step 2.

Because it has no internal power source, a microchip like this needs a reader or scanner (also called an interrogator) to energize it. When set to the correct frequency, the scanner "interrogates" the microchip by invigorating the capacitor with electromagnetic power.

Step 3.

The microchip capsule sends radio signals back to the scanner with the identification number. The scanner can then interpret the radio waves and display the identification number on an LCD screen (liquid crystal display screen).

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